Biff Beacon, proud shopkeeper in Tumbleton

Biff Beacon is a loud and jolly Steambot that speaks in a Texan accent. Although a native of Tumbleton, he returns only after Rusty's mining gives an influx to the town's economy, seeing a chance to set up his "discount" shop. The shop is the second where Rusty can purchase upgrades. He and his shop are unlocked when the player reaches Level 8 (1100$).


Biff is a large Steambot with a western cowboy hat, a thin brown mustache, a golden plated chest with four golden buttons, long gold arms and a blue lower body. He has a big smile with one gold tooth, one brown and the rest are all white.


Shop Edit

Information on what Biff sells in his shop can be found on the Buyable Upgrades and Items page.