Bogdan "The Great" Ivanski is an early game character that is the embodiment of physical strength. Ivanski sets a focus on and excels at taking damage, taunting enemies and dealing that damage straight back out again.

Biography Edit

Circus strongmen need to project strength, so once rumors about the Great Ivanski's soft spot spread, harsh words made him leave the big top. Knows how to take a punch.

Abilities Edit

  • Level 0 - Handgun, ability to wield Handgun class weapons.
  • Level 0 - Heavy, ability to wield Heavy class weapons.
  • Level 1 - Payback, after taking damage, his next attack will do +2 bonus damage.
  • Level 2 - Health +2.
  • Level 3 - Abs of Steel: Becomes invulnerable for 1 turn. (1 use per mission).
  • Level 4 - Melee Damage+1.
  • Level 5 - Get Behind Me!: Abs of Steel provokes enemies to attack Ivanski. (1 use per mission).
  • Level 6 - Health +2.
  • Level 7 - Guts: If Ivanski is about to get scrapped, survive with 1 health (only works if Ivanski has more than 1 health).
  • Level 8 - Melee Damage +1.
  • Level 9 - Abs of Steel: Uses, Abs of Steel may be used one additional time.
  • Level 10 (Max) - Melee Damage +1.

Quotes Edit

When Attacking

  • I must break you!

When Guarding

  • Holding out!

When Moving

  • I move here!

When losing Hat

  • Missed!

Receiving Damage

  • Ha! That's nothing!

Upon game completion

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