Hank McCrank, owner of the main repair shop in Tumbleton.

Hank "Cranky" McCrank is a Steambot from Tumbleton. Cranky is the local repairman, and spends his days building things from scrap metal. He owns the first shop where Rusty can buy upgrades, along with ladders, lamps and extra health. He is the father of Dorothy McCrank. He and his shop are unlocked when the player reaches Level 2 (8$).


Cranky is an old, broken down, muddy Steambot who just about stands using his crutch. He has a green metal overall, an old cap, one missing leg with wires hanging out and some cracked glasses. His general colour is light blue.


Shop Edit

Information on what Cranky sells in his shop can be found on the Buyable Upgrades and Items page.

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