Hats are a type of collectable in SteamWorld Heist. They can be worn by any character but only serve as a visual change. They normally must be purchased in shops or shot off of the heads of enemies and then picked up, although a few are available as DLC (both free and paid).

List of Hats Edit

Name Image Description Type
Captain's Hat A ship requires many things, a captain but one: proper headwear to show who's boss. Who's the boss? You're the boss! Hat
Fisherman Beanie A thick, vertically knitted beanie. Smells of salt, sea and whale-clobberin'. Seriously, you can feel the rage from its former owner oozing all over. Hat
Swab Hat This bowler might be a bit worse for wear, but it's still... er... stylish, right? Anyway, it's better than freezing your scalp off. Hat
Trucker Cap A mesh-netted hat, foam front and rigged backing. Certain to keep even the warmest shipper chill on a hot day. Hat
Classic Ushanka Prominent and comfortable with a soft, protective inner lining. Sure to meet your every need, be it cold or hot.
Poof Ball Hat A nicely quilted wool ball beanie. Its fine trimmings will help you stay happy in the cold reaches of the Outskirts. Uncommon Hat
Warm Beanie This knitted, extra-thick woolen beanie will keep you warm and snug whether you like it or not. Famously worn by gentlebot catburglar Arsène Le Pain, a sucker for hot goods and snuggery. Hat
Cap A cap full of memories: riding your bike along your paper route on that dusty and barren space rock that was your childhood home. Ah, to be a paperbot again! Hat
Pirate's Hat Gyarrh! A Tricorn for the high seas. Embrace that timber-shiverin' feeling that only a continental hat can provide. All hands on deck, gyarrh!
Hunter Hat With its sun-faded fabric, this hat sports fashionably creepy teeth from some space-dwelling Archaean. Give any bil ol' beast you came across a friendly whoopin'! Uncommon Hat
Bandit Hat Aged like a fine wine on the metal scalp of some fearsome outback bandit. Ventilation-esque perforations included. Hat
Beret Breathes of contemporary fashion, moonlit avant-garde evenings and skull-cracking Special Forces operations - all in one!
Scapper Captain Hat An impressive hat, generating glances of awe from those less experienced. They don't hand out these on a whim, so wearers are probably rugged veterans. Uncommon Hat
Heavy Chopper Personalized with a foliage camouflage cover from the Cannibal Wars. Hat
Military Helmet Marked with dents from wars past and present, this military hard hat is an heirloom passed down a long line of soldiers. Wearing it makes you feel both humbled and hardy. Hat
Goon Beanie Another knitted beanie, this time with the smell of... *GHAK* Oh my, that's potent! Guess for a goon it's good enough. Hmm, does this make me a goonie? Hat
Ce Petit Peteux Inspired by legionary fashion, this kepi is mostly worn for ceremonial purposes. To be frank, it's rather snobbish-looking. Uncommon Hat
Fake Head Faced with mind-scrapping reanimation and biting Chop Sue's leg in the process, Cowbot Bob thought that the morning couldn't get much worse. He was wrong. Cursed to spend eternity as an ornament, he'll happily be your plus-one. Uncommon Hat
Purple Top Hat For gentlebots tired of following the biased stream of dignified dullies. Go on, stand out. You don't have to run away with a circus to express yourself. Hat
Air Force Helmet A traditional Stahlhelm, originally worn by Royalist thrust troops. Now used by most army factions stationed around the Core. Hat
Blast Helmet Increased endurance with a protective visor to shield against shrapnel and plasma particles. Hat
Fedora of the Night Pinched neatly and tipped in the right direction, this fedora defines the noir era. Perfect for chasing bad guys on shady spaceships. Uncommon Hat
Tudor of the Night Proof of a higher doctorate and depth of understanding of matters enigmatic to others. All those lonely school days finally served their purpose. Hooray! Uncommon Hat
Brainilla Ice (Ice Baby) A deliberate pointer to a well-known and dreaded Shiner condition, deriving from excessive mixin' of the hotsies and coldsies. Makes for both a visualization of the problem per se, and a pretty good reminder to keep your cool. Can also double as a popsicle on a boiling summer day, though it might be hard to swallow. Ambassador Hat
I'd Rather Be Sailing Whether you're a preschool poser or a washed-up wannabe mariner, you'd better shape up and fold yourself an escape from reality. Oh, and be kind enough to let your gramps or warden read it before you prettify yourself and set off into the great unknown. Ambassador Hat
The Dawg of Swag Let me break it down for you - with this ace, you don't need no bank fo hizzle ya schnizzle. Get buck wild and bum rush the party in style, aight? Ambassador Hat
Military Officer's Cap Worn by officers from the Queen Core's Hussars. Only the most proven army dieselbots will ever aspire to eventually wear one. Hat
Fire Helmet One would assume that this helmet would be worn by someone fighting fires instead of starting them. Think again.
Ace Hat A hat fit for a sharpshooter. Its bulge provides just the right amount of air around your pressure sensors. Only worn by real aces. Uncommon Hat
Brown Bowler Hat As practical and suave down by the docks as when chasing a rivaling gang of thugs down an alleyway. Either way, a brown bowl of joy. Hat
Dragoon Helmet A dragoon helmet of stature, worn to distinguish yourself during ceremonies or battle. Provides minimal protection and basically screams "Here I am! Shoot me!" Vanity Hat
Sailor Cap So what if you're not the captain? This Dixie cup will nevertheless put you on striking display! With timeless design by Smokey Pomeroy, every able seabt owns and treasures at least one of these. Hat
Corshat Combining elegance with function, this D'Orsay piece keeps the daylight away from sensitive optics without shading your dapper appearance. Pressed and steamed into perfect fashion. Vanity Hat
Soft Cap Its sincere softness outweighs any unpleasant odor. Just try not to think about the texture of the stains. Vanity Hat
Top Hat A Regent hat comes with privileges. Looking down upon others shall be your prerogative. Vanity Hat
Hat in a Cat The bot responsible for this handicraft obviously wanted to keep their biopet close. This time around, the cat is on the hat rather than in it. Vanity Hat
Champion of Justice When you've embraced your destiny and been engulfed by a black hole, this hat sits on your head as a testament to your awesomeness. There's a new Sheriff in town. Vanity Hat
Royal Wig Coated with a lavender-scented powder, this popular peruke accentuates virtue and favorably conceals both baldness and sores. Vanity Hat
Welder Cap Meant to fit the head snugly when working under tough and dangerous conditions. Turn it around when welding to protect the back of your neck from flying sparks.
Royal Crown Fit for a fair, true monarch who puts the comon good first, maintains the peace and constantly strives to offset any social inequalities. Uncommon Hat
Beetle Disc A scalp torn from a Vectron Bettle. Blend in and give hive-like living a chance. Remember, free will is an illusion fabricated for the masses. Hat
Golem Cap With perfect aerodynamics, it shifts your head's center of gravity forward. Yay! Hat
Bomb Deployer Delivers a boost of fine-tuned precision when handling explosives.