Lola, bar owner in Tumbleton

Lola is a Steambot who runs the bar in Tumbleton and she is one of the last remaining inhabitants in the largely deserted town. Joe was a regular customer at Lola's bar and she talks fondly of him with Rusty from time to time. Her role in the game is to serve as a spawn point when Rusty dies.


Lola is a pink colored Steambot with blonde plated hair. She has round, red earrings, a conveniently placed spot next to her bright red lips, and a huge, red dress.


Trivia Edit

  • A Space Bar based on Lola can be found in SteamWorld Heist, called Lola's Bar. It is a reference to the fact she owns a bar in SteamWorld Dig, and it features an animated, neon version of her original sprite on the wall.