Rusty is a Steambot and the main protagonist of SteamWorld Dig.


SteamWorld DigEdit

He arrives in Tumbleton after receiving a deed to the local mine from his uncle, Joe. He finds his uncle dead, so he grabs his pickaxe and begins his way through the mines. Throughout the game, he receives a number of upgrades and after the final battle, he is thought to be missing in action. During the credits, he is shown walking through the desert at night with blue eyes. This may hint that after defeating Voltbot, he became a part of Voltbot himself. The Steam Achievement "Assimilated"'s description implies he is now immortal.

SteamWorld Dig 2Edit

Rusty went missing after SteamWorld Dig, and his disappearance drives the plot of the sequel. His friend Dorothy from the first game has set out to search for him.

SteamWorld HeistEdit

Rusty makes a cameo appearance in the ending cutscene in SteamWorld Heist. On the second slide, he can be seen inside the trailer holding a water bottle. FEN also seems to have his scarf wrapped around his head.



Rusty is a virtually silent protagonist, making it hard to determine what his personality is like. From the few words he speaks, we can tell that he has an adventurous and heroic personality. Rusty was willing to sacrifice himself to save his fellow Steambots by attacking and destroying Voltbot.


Rusty is a bronze colored Steambot with a built-in furnace a western cowboy hat, western cowboy boots, a small pressure gauge and a ripped, red cloth used as a scarf. He also has deep green eyes and a pipe for his furnace.



  • Rusty was at one point in development going to smoke a cigar, as shown through his sprite development (pictured below). The reason for this change is unknown but it could be they wanted him to be conveyed to the audience as more of a hero. The change also might have been made to avoid getting an adult rating.
Rusty Sprite Evolution