Scrappers are a faction of Steambots that first appeared in SteamWorld Heist. They are made up of scraps of metal and parts from dead Steambots. This has caused them to have a reputation as deadly criminals known for piracy throughout the whole space. They are not very clever but what they lack in brains, they make up with sheer numbers and pure insanity. The reason for their huge numbers and quick expansion is unknown.

There are three main types of Scrappers: Rippers, Choppers and Crushers. Rippers are weak but posses a threat in large numbers. Choppers are slightly smarter and can handle better weaponry. And Crushers are well armoured and very strong. In the game, they have randomly generated looks to them.

Known Scrappers Edit

1. Jack The Crippler 2.gym-bob the crusher