Steambots is the primary race of robots in SteamWorld Heist and SteamWorld Dig. They all have a western or steampunk style to them. There is a faction of Steambots in SteamWorld Heist called Scrappers that are made from the parts of dead Steambots.

Known Settlements during the SteamWorld Dig eraEdit

Known Steambots during the SteamWorld Dig eraEdit

How Steambots Are Made

The reproduction of Steambots.

Known Steambots during the SteamWorld Heist era Edit



Steambabies are young Steambots that are created by their parents using blueprints and junk parts. Once the construction is complete, the parents will each take a part of their own construction and attach it to the Steambaby. As they grow older, they will acquire new parts like longer legs to grow taller. They commonly eat baby coal that provides easy digestion.