History Edit

The Outsider is the first set of add-on content (DLC) for SteamWorld Heist.

SteamWorld Heist The Outsider DLC Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)01:00

SteamWorld Heist The Outsider DLC Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)

It introduces a new playable character, FEN, as well as a new plot, missions, enemies, end boss, guns, utilities and dozens of new hats, all which blend seamlessly without needing to start a completely new game. It launched on 28 April 2016 for $4.99/€4.99/£4.49.

Reception Edit

Reception for The Outsideer DLC was generally positive with praise directed towards the new playable character, FEN, and new hats. However the pricing was a little steep for some.

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